Sunday, 21 March 2010

The K(illers)

So its no news to anyone who knows me, but I love The Killers, so after a class at uni where we made 3d letters I tried to make my own "light-up K" like the one Brandon Flowers has attached to his keyboard. Obviously I'll never be able to achieve the awesomeness that is The Killers "K" but I tried and Im pretty pleased with the outcome :) ! (The top photo is the real Killers "K" btw ahah!)

Au Revoir!



  1. amazing!! did you DIY it?? great blog, definitely be back, come follow TBAG if you fancy!

    Happy Monday! x

  2. Hey thanks for the comment! Yeah I DIY'd it :D took ages and I probably should have been doing uni work, but it was definitely worth it! I am now following your blog, it is damn awesome :) ! x