Wednesday, 30 September 2009

First ever blog...

Well, this is my first ever entry in my first ever blog, I feel like I should make it really amazing and write a big long speech but I don't have much to say, so today I shall just be posting pictures from various things like tasks from my graphic design course at uni and my other arty farty stuff I do.

This was my finished piece for our first assignment at uni, we were given the task of creating a photo where we resemble an icon or someone we admire. I had a few ideas most of them were women, (Karen O, Florence Welch, Alison Mosshart, Kat Dennings, Edie Sedgwick..) but a few men cropped up (Hugh Laurie, Matthew Gray Gubler,John Bender-The Breakfast Club) and I thought would be a lot more interesting, so my final choice ended up being the legend that is KARL LAGERFELD. I love Karl Lagerfeld for his genius designs (for both Chanel and his own label) and this sort of image/brand he has simply made out of himself. He is instantly recognisable, even though absolutely no one in my class knows who he is or what he does, but hey! I enjoyed this task, it took ages to make myself orange with white hair and wrinkles though! A lot of bronzer and dry shampoo was sacrificed in the making of this photo! But yeah Im happy with the result, all I did to the photo was fiddle about with the contrast and the saturation a little.

For our second task we had to "Create a word, one word, using materials which evoke the meaning of the word". For this my brain went a bit over the top, and I created this over the top and overworked "thing" which says vanity at like 2 in the morning.

Then the next day (well technically the same day) as I was getting ready I came up with a much simpler idea.

I am far happier with this picture than I was with the vanity one, thank god I woke up super early so I had time to do it!I love it when spur of the moment things go to plan!

Right well I can't really be bothered to put anymore up just now, I shall continue this later.

Au Revoir!


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